Travelling light in New Zealand

On a recent vist to New Zealand in December 2017, I spent 4 weeks travelling within the Northern part of North Island. After a few days of exploring the city of Auckland and its suburbs, on foot, by ferry and by public buses, I decided to rent a car for my travel to Northland. Currently Best Car Rentals, are running a promo deal offering the "Third week free" offer, which I was able to avail myself.
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In contrary to the typical non-fraudulent "Affiliate Marketing page", which consists of Banner-Advertisements Fraudulents pages can appear to be serious and "informative" sites that do not depend on any advertisement revenue. But, invisible to the visitor, such pages can be loaded with revenue generating banner advertisement equivalants and they can also "simulate" banner advertisement "clicks", without the visitor's knowledge.
While the visitor reads the content without obtrusive advertisement, background processess "click" advertisements and records such activity at a tracking service provider, "dumps" Http-Cookies in the visitors browser, that would generate a commission or a fee for the affiliate, should the visitor make any purchases at any of the participating e-commerce sites.

Along the right-hand column, we have listed some of the fruadulent methods that we have discovered, and links to pages that demonstrate each listed fraud. Click on a link and simulate the fraud in action.